The Monday Quiz


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    The Monday Quiz

    Post by onloantodiv1 on February 19th 2007, 05:59

    1. Who was english footballs first 1000 player?
    2. Which player holds the record number of appearences in the fa cup final?
    3. In which year were numbered shirts first worn in league game?
    4. Which celtic player died after a collision with a rangers player in 1931?
    5.Of which team was herbert chapman manager when he died in 1934?
    6. In wat year did spurs first win the fa cup.
    7. Whos players were auctioned off when the team was expelled from the league in 1919?
    8. In whic year did the first world cup take place?
    9. In may 1929 England lost to foreign team for the first time. Which team?
    10. What was the first match broadcast live on radio?


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