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    Post by onloantodiv1 on August 29th 2007, 08:22

    So much is talked about, when it comes to cannabis these days. The pros's the con's. It clearly has a beneficial use to those who have acute osteoporotic conditions, plus debilitating illnesses such as MS.
    Many feel that because of such things it should be legalised.

    However sometimes i feel the wrong people are supporting this issue for there own benefits. There are many regular cannabis users who use it for enjoyment and believe it does them no harm, and would support the legalisation for there own personal benefit.

    But there is a widely supported link between acute paranoid schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, especially anxiety and the use of regular cannabis. Those people who do use it regularly may tell you they ahve suffered no long term effects as such. But this doesn't meen they are not ahving any. Long term use causes continued dilution and damage to the pupil, amking it harder to adjust to light, focus, co-ordination etc. In addition someone who has used it for years, then stopped, may not realised, that cannibis and recreational drugs like it cause unnoticed atrophy (wear and tear) on the brain. Small amounts of atrophy is normal for anyone, anyone over sixty who has a ct scan will have atrophy. However the addition of cannibis early on in life together with normal gradual atrophy will cause long term damage to the brain, which in itself leads to the menatl helf issues mention in the earlier paragraphs.

    What is the answer then.

    It should, be legalised, but on prescription only for those who will seek benifits due to there condition. Remember however there is no definative proof that it does help, only the word of those who ahve used it, so is it therefore an addiction)

    The GP prescribing should have a choice on whether moraly he feels he should prescribe cannibis, until a definitive answer regarding the long term effetcs of medicinal cannabis are found.

    Thanks Onloan.


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