Jen battered whilst pregnant - intresting timing


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    Jen battered whilst pregnant - intresting timing

    Post by onloantodiv1 on July 2nd 2008, 12:02

    BIG Brother’s Jennifer Clark was battered while PREGNANT by her husband in a cocaine-fuelled rage, her parents claimed last night.

    Gary and Janise Smith, both 48, said their daughter’s hubby David was a violent bully and a Walter Mitty-style compulsive liar.

    They encouraged her to go on the show to make a fresh start — but she is up for eviction on Friday against Rex.

    The mum of one met David when she was just 17 in a pub in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

    Janise said: “Jen was besotted, but we knew from the start he was bad news. He was her first boyfriend and she adored him.”

    David, 24, claimed he was a millionaire who owned properties in the UK and abroad.

    But Gary said: “It was all lies. He was a fantasist and a compulsive liar. A complete Walter Mitty character.”

    Janise added: “Jen told all her friends she had ‘hit the jackpot’. But it wasn’t long before he showed his true colours.”

    Married strife ... Jennifer with hubby David
    According to Janise, on their first proper date David got Jen “mortal drunk” and tried to sneak into her bedroom before Gary threw him out.

    She said: “From that moment on, we never trusted David. But Jen was blind to his faults — even though he was regularly violent. She was very naive.”

    Jen, 22, later found baby toys in David’s Audi TT — and discovered the motor belonged to one of his girlfriends.

    When Gary visited the Newcastle estate agent David said he was a partner at, he found his claims to be a property baron were LIES.

    Jen still moved in with her lover and married him.

    But on Boxing Day 2005, when she was pregnant with first baby Ellie, the Smiths went to their house to find her crying.


    Janise said: “She showed me a big bruise on her foot and one on her hip. Jen said that they had been rowing and David stamped on her foot and threw a grid from their stove at her.”

    Gary and Janise took their daughter home, but it was not long before her husband wheedled his way back into her affections.

    Janise said: “David was a cocaine user and he had terrible mood swings. Jen would regularly turn up at our door covered in bruises.


    “But every time she left him, he would emotionally blackmail her into going back.

    “For instance, this year on Valentine’s Day he bought Jen a dog, knowing she would go back to their house to pick it up.

    “He threatened to beat it if she left him again. He manipulated her, he knew she loved animals.”

    Jen thought David would change his ways after the baby was born — but she went into premature labour at 21 weeks and Ellie died during the birth.

    Jen soon became pregnant with her daughter Maddiline, now two. In a bid to keep her family together, she went back to David.

    Janise said: “She wanted the fairytale he kept promising her.”

    David, who has admitted he was charged with assault during their marriage, recently confessed: “I was a terrible husband. I’m ashamed to admit on a couple of occasions I pushed Jen against a wall in a threatening way.”

    Jen and Maddy have lived with her parents since Christmas — and she is now in the process of getting divorced from David.

    In the house Jen has snogged Dale and flirted with Stuart.

    Janise said: “I want to see her having some fun as she hasn’t had any in a long time.”


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