The Monday Quiz - Whahey there back


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    The Monday Quiz - Whahey there back

    Post by onloantodiv1 on February 26th 2007, 04:54

    1. What colours do wycombe wanderers play in
    2. What colours did scum play in in the 1968 euro cup final
    3. Which Division one clubs 2000-2001 away kit was gold and lilac
    4. What colours do kiddiminster play in
    5. What country's entire squad wore red boots for the 1996 African cup of nations
    6. What colours to slovenia play in
    7. Which major european club refuse to have a sponsor on there shirts
    8. Which African Team play in Gold and black
    9. What colour are celtics 2000-2001 away shirts
    10. What is the colour of the sash on river plates shirts


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